Pure Justice uses community organizing, civic engagement, education, and research as methods to help reform institutions and systems that perpetuate social and criminal injustices, aiming to improve the lives of low-income and working-class families.

Our members include working families, victims of criminal or social injustice, as well as concerned and compassionate members of the community.

Every campaign we launch and victory we win is based on the desires and concerns of our members. Pure Justice simply provides the tools and platform necessary for them to advance their issues.


Research and Policy

Reforming Community Supervision

According to a Council of State Governments report, “45% of state prison admissions nationwide are due to violations of probation or parole for new offenses or technical violations. On any given day, 280,000 PEOPLE in prison—nearly 1 IN 4—are incarcerated as a result of a supervision violation, costing states more than $9.3 BILLION ANNUALLY." Reforming community supervision and other forms of correctional control would significantly reduce recidivism rates and provide financial resources for alternative rehabilitative methods.

Community Outreach Workshops

Know Your Rights Workshops

The media has highlighted police brutality particularly during traffic stops in a way like never before. This has caused the public to be more concerned about what is and isn’t allowed during a traffic stop. Pure Justice offers a “Know Your Rights” workshop to assist the community in addressing this concern.

State and Local Government Workshops

The 2016 presidential election ignited citizens across this country to become more politically engaged; however, many don’t know where to start. Pure Justice offers a workshop in helping community residents understand how state and local government is structured and how government is intended to work. This workshop does not advocate any particular partisanship nor does it endorse or encourage the selection of any political candidate.

Legal Awareness

Pure Justice works with low-income and former indigent clients of the local public defender’s office to ensure they were properly serviced by a criminal justice system that should work for ALL people regardless of socioeconomic background.

Case Review Clinic

A case review consists of the following:

  • Review of prior convictions to determine if any post-conviction relief options are available.
  • Expungement Petition: Assist in completing and filing expungement forms.
  • Pardon Petition: Assist in completing and filing pardon petition forms.
  • Connect victims to social services: refer victims and members to partnering agencies and attorneys.

Prison Outreach

Prison Book Drive and Pen Pal Services

In our efforts to provide rehabilitative relief to those impacted by the criminal justice system, we send mail to inmates in various prisons across Texas to make sure they know they are have not been forgotten. We receive requests for such services from family members of inmates as well as our partners at Solidarity on Death Row.