First , let me address the elephant in the room. I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE. Second, the purpose of this piece is to bring awareness to how Black women are mistreated in our criminal justice system. As I watched the Confirmation Hearing on Supreme Court Nominee Jackson I watched in disbelief of how this intelligent Black woman was being “Will Smith” slapped  with irrelevant subject matters about books on critical race theory,  a few cases of child pornography and not imposing the maximum sentence allowed, accused of being a “secret radical liberal,” please with the nonsense! Judge Jackson is a Harvard Law School graduate, need I say more? The disrespect that I witnessed I can truly say was expected and this is truly sad to say. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Josh Hawley of Missouri turned the hearings into a rambling circus!  It seemed as though they were seeking vindication because of how Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s character was dismantled on national television. I get it! But, when do we grow up and stop carrying out these public assaults on these proven candidates (and that’s an assault just as the physical assault committed by  Will Smith on Chris Rock)?

 Democrats, Republicans and Independents that are elected to our government at times, seem to behave careless and reckless. The American public had endured hours of false accusations about Judge Jackson’s character and judicial record. All I observed was a bunch of foolish statements and federal laws purposely being incompletely presented on a large white poster to cause the public to believe that Judge Brown has somehow interpreted and implemented these laws to her own interpretation for self gratification. These accusations are considered the ,”WILL SMITH SLAPS!” 

Then, there’s the internet. People joking about how to pronounce Judge Jackson first name, and the racist and sexist attacks. Again, all are considered to be the slap that was heard around the world the, “WILL SMITH SLAP!”  But wait a minute, it seems that these slaps have become the norms of our society predicated on intelligent, strong, educated Black women. ARE YOU WOKE YET?! Here are a few names of Black women that had to experience the, “WILL SMITH SLAP.” Stacey Abrams (Candidate for Governor of Georgia and author), Michelle Obama (First Lady, scholar and author), Ilhan Omar (New York Senator) just to name a few. Unfortunately, these women have had to endure abusive and racist insults from social media outlets because of their hair styles, spouses, and skin color. These Black women have bravely withstood the verbal assaults that continue to plague our society. Now, here comes Judge Kentanji (and that’s pronounced “Keh Tahn Jee”) Brown Jackson who must for the sake and dream of every little Black girl watching and desiring to one day hold a public office, withstand the “WILL SMITH SLAP” of society. But as we say in the neighborhood where I grew up (South Memphis), “DON’T LET YOUR MOUTH WRITE A CHECK THAT YOUR AZZ CAN’T CASH! 

This statement is used to warn those of you of how we will prove you wrong with strength, grace, and perseverance! We will not become your “WILL SMITH SLAP,” because the word states that, ” No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.” (Isaiah 54:17). Congratulations 🎊 Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson! NOW…TAKE…YOUR…SEAT….AT… THE… TABLE!


Written by: Tracie Brown