Houston Mayoral Candidate Scorecard

On August 24, 2019 our members spent hours thinking through issues impacting them, their families, and their neighbors that were not reflected in many of the candidate platforms they reviewed. After tough conversations and continuous debate, our members identified eight questions centered around social justice and economic equity that they wanted to ask each candidate. On September 9, 2019, we sent out our candidate questionnaire to each candidate. We made calls to follow up with each candidate to ensure they received the questionnaire, and on some occasions, we sent out the questionnaire more than once at the candidate’s request.

We after receiving questionnaires from willing participants, we were able to compile our questions and their responses into a candidate scorecard. Our organization did not score each candidate, but rather created a space with instructions for voters to score the candidates themselves. Our objective is to make sure voters are engaged and informed. Please feel free to print the attached scorecard and ask the candidates the tough, yet important questions displayed.

Don’t forget, the last day to register to vote in the November 2019 municipal elections is October 7, 2019. Please make sure you are encouraging everyone to get registered to vote, voting and elections are crucial to progress or lack there of in our communities.

If you’d like the candidate’s questionnaires with additional commentary, please send a email to thepurejustice@gmail.com.

Click the link below to view the scorecard:

Houston 2019 Mayoral Candidate Scorecard