Justice Can’t Wait!

Have you ever been intimated or have had a loved one face a fatal encounter with police?  These encounters seem to be happening more and more likely in Brown and Black communities despite people of color being the least likely to call the cops. They fear the police escalating the situation and fear for the lives of their family. According to “Justice cant wait packet” made by Houston social justice groups along with others. It shows that Black Houstonians makeup, just 23% of the population, but 36% of police stops, 49% of citation- eligible arrests, and 63% of those shot by Houston Police Department. The current metro area population of Houston in 2021 is 6,491,000, a 1.88% increase from 2020.

No Labels

Houston has not yet taken decisive action on policing. George Floyd was buried in Pearland, Tx on June 9, 2020. On June 10,2020, Houston’s City council voted to INCREASE the police budget by $19 million dollars. More money going into the police department WOW, yet our communities are still fearing for their lives, and getting abused and harassed by the same people, that’s sworn into “protect and serve”. 

Despite their role as public servants, the men and women who swear an oath to keep communities safe can generally avoid public scrutiny for their misdeeds. Officers have beaten members of the black and brown community, planted evidence and used their badges to harass people of color, black or brown. The records of their ‘abuse’ or misconduct are filed away, rarely seen by anyone outside their departments. Records being shielded from public view or even destroyed. This has been going on for decades, but now we demand Justice!

Written by: Morgan Elmore