Our Judicial System Has Failed Us Yet Again

The problem in America today is that our judicial system is unjust to African Americans. It’s right there in front of our faces. Trevynn Conley, a 20-year-old college athlete, and Clarence Wright, a 21-year-old, were arrested on murder charges in Oklahoma in 2020.

On May 2nd, there was a road rage incident that ended at a 7/11 gas station. Trevynn Conley and Clarence Wright were harassed by two known white supremacists, Josh Stewart and Matthew Turpin, both of whom have a criminal history. Matthew’s license was suspended at the time, he had an active warrant in Oklahoma since 2019, and Josh Stewart was high on meth and morphine, the same drugs for which he has a criminal record. He also shot first into the car which hit Trevynn Conley’s shoulder. His friend, Clarence Wright, who is a licensed gun owner, helped Trevynn in self-defense by shooting back. During the shooting, Josh Stewart got hit and later passed away in the hospital.

After the shooting and Trevynn Conley and Clarence Wright getting arrested, they went on a Self Defense Trial that lasted 7 days. After the trial, Trevynn Conley was sentenced to 28 years of life in prison for first-degree murder without parole, and Clarence Wright was sentenced to 38 years for seconded degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. These black males have never broken the law and acted in self-defense to protect themselves because the second Amendment states the “right to bear arms”, which means an individual can possess a firearm for protection in public if they are licensed, as Clarence Wright was, and they did not even start this altercation.

It was a white supremacist ready to cause trouble, and if you know anything about white supremacists, you know they have a history of killing/harassing a lot of African Americans for no reason, and police officers and judges protect them since our justice system is racist and unfair. According to the pledge of Allegiance, the United States is “one nation” with “justice for all.” And, as we can see in our era, none of this is true, and it’s getting worse by the day. To make a difference, we must first understand our history, accept what has happened, let go of the past, and come together as a community, regardless of skin color. We will never be able to grow as a nation if we continue to cling to what has happened.

websites where you can help/support the family in bringing Trevynn Conley and Clarence Wright home.

Written By: Sincere Green 




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