Prosecutorial Misconduct: ”SMH”

Hello to my Woke people and thank you for reading this blog.  I hope that you find this information helpful and necessary because I wish that I had known this information before I was falsely  accused and convicted of a crime. The sad part about this story is that I was a Houston Police officer (Tracie Bell was my name during this time) at the time of this arrest and you would’ve thought that I was aware of all the corruption that took place in a place that I chose to uphold. BUT I DID NOT! Also, let me thank Pure Justice for the opportunity to express my own personal criminal court experience in my own words. So this is what you should know when, if, in case of, or if you know someone who is facing a criminal indictment or has been charged and awaiting an outcome. Due to my past criminal court experience, I believe that  the acronym or alphabet soup, SMH, should be the definition in the dictionary that defines the career of a fame driven, win at all cost prosecutor.  I want to make sure to define which type of prosecutor that I am writing about because I do realize that there are prosecutors who have good intentions to find the best solutions and are aware of their fellow colleagues’ wrongdoings. 

Did you know that over 90 percent of criminal cases are settled through plea deal bargaining? What’s worse is that innocent people are choosing to take this path because of the overwhelming resources that can be used against them to make them appear to be guilty. Let me explain what I mean by resources and or should I say the District Attorney  has an unlimited amount of resources. The District Attorney’s office has unlimited amounts of  MONEY, TIME, INVESTIGATORS, and SCARE TACTICS! The District Attorney’s office in Harris county has little to no oversight by the courts especially when it comes to plea bargaining deals, investigating your case, and witness statements (for or against you). Most of the witnesses will turn against you for fear of being charged for something that they did not do (I call it the undercover retaliation act induced by the DA to impose fear of imprisonment).  So please don’t depend on anyone to come to your defense especially after they have spoken with the District Attorney regarding your criminal investigation. During my case I witnessed the District Attorney appear on the 5 o’clock news purposely to lie to the public by stating that I was committing a crime with someone that I had never met before. I know that this was purposely done and laughed about because I heard her speaking on the phone to my attorney while I was standing outside of my attorney office door. The District Attorney thought that this was funny because she knew nothing would happen to her (as far as disciplinary actions) and that she had just publicly persuaded or poisoned the minds of potential jurors against me. Prosecutorial misconduct is corrupt, evil, and a criminal act and should be treated as such! You should also know that if you are a public figure and just happen to be a person of color such as, a professional athlete, teacher, black police officer, entertainer, entrepreneur, or a social media influencer just to name a few popular careers, and it is an election year, get ready it’s your lucky year!

Prosecutors are seeking you out right now! Why? You guessed it, it’s an election year! According to an article researched and published by The New Times called,” Police or Prosecutor Misconduct Is at Root of Half of Exoneration Cases, Study Finds,” wrongly convicted Black defendants were slightly more likely than whites to be victims of misconduct, especially in drug and murder investigations.”  These prosecutors need the hype and they need a hype person to further their fame driven, win at all cost careers. Assistant District Attorneys are the worst! They are always looking for THAT case that will shine the spotlight on them. Your life, your family, your children, your friends, your career is and will become a stolen casualty of war. With that beginning said, I decided to become the less than 5% of defendants that chose to fight my case in trial, and let me tell you that this is where the show begins! You should know that District Attorney’s have studied the art of “how to persuade a juror tactic.”  

These tactics include the, play on the jurors emotional tactics, causing the jurors financial burden tactics (paying for daily parking or missing work), creating performance tactics (pretending to act out a scene as though this is how you commit the crime), look up the Susan Wright case with District Attorney Kelly Siegler, and last but not least, THE KEEP JURORS IN COURT AS MANY DAYS AS POSSIBLE tactics. My trial lasted 11 days for a theft and attempted theft and one day I overheard a Sheriff deputy state to another court person that, “a damn murder trial don’t take this long.” This tactic will break any human being, especially those with recreational addictions such as smoking or alcoholism and apparently the court staff. Oh yeah, I remember a juror speaking in the hallway to another juror saying that she was not about to miss her planned vacation. And you think that the District Attorney didn’t know this information? Well then, you are definitely not ready to go to trial. Other tactics are arresting your only witness while arriving at the court to testify for you (my private investigator was arrested for a seven year old inspection sticker that he didn’t show up for traffic court….7 years ago!), threatening your other witnesses or their young adult children with jail time if they don’t cooperate and change their first statement, and as always, making sure that you can’t access any money from your own bank account. And this is happening before you have been found guilty of any crime. 

Prosecutorial misconduct is carefully designed, planned and purposely aimed towards it’s target, which is you the defendant. So what can you do to defend yourself against this incredible evil force? This is where the acronym or alphabet soup SMH comes into play. First, start with prayer! Second, go to and fill out an online grievance form or call the intake line at 1-800-932-1900. Next, find the best defense attorney (during trial one of my paid attorney’s was sitting behind me crying because of the DA was continually standing and stating ,“asked and answered,” to the judge because of my inexperience attorney asking the same questions to a witness on the stand), (SMH),  and be willing to sell everything that you have because this is going to cost you everything! Last, and I know that this is definitely not what you want to hear but this has to be addressed especially, if your truth is worth fighting for. You should be willing and prepared to GO TO JAIL! Never give up even when you are being led out in handcuffs, hold your head up! You should know that, you are still alive and you still have a voice! I am still here expressing my truth because this story may help someone right now Shaking… Your…Head….watching your life work and dreams being erased by the hands of a corrupt, out of control, tunnel vision, fame greedy, and career driven prosecutor. Lastly, remember what the Word says, “The mind of a person plans his way, But the Lord directs his step.” (Proverbs 16:9)

By: Tracie Brown