Pure Justice Mid-September Updates

Gun Violence Prevention Meeting 
Before the 3rd Democratic Debate, leaders of local and national black and brown lead organizations met to discuss building a coalition to address violence in our communities and in the country as a whole. We discussed hosting a justice summit in the near future. As plans solidify, additional information will be forthcoming.
Getting the word out about local elections at the national debate
We took the opportunity to distribute information about the November municipal elections to students and local residents visiting Texas Southern University for the Democratic Debate watch party. We also had the opportunity to discuss our mayoral candidate scorecard with KHOU 11 and TSU TV.
Standing strong about obtaining free jail phone calls
Last month, Harris County significantly reduced the cost of jail phone calls in its contract with Securus Technologies; however, because the cost of these phone disproportionately impact women with children, and create barriers to communication with loved ones, we joined our partners at The Healing Project, Restoring Justice, Texas Advocates for Justice, and Texas Organizing Project in a rally to bring awareness to the need for cost free phone calls in our jails.
Empowering women who fight barriers to injustice everyday 
Both Sybil Sybille and Carol Baker are women who know the harsh conditions of our prison system and the uphill battles to fight upon re-entering society. Despite their personal challenges, they have been courageous enough to share their stories and work hard to make our communities and policies better for others. We recognized their willingness to keep fighting for change by treating them to the Ultimate Women’s Expo where they were able to gain empowerment and a little pampering as well. Salute to our survivors of injustice.
Courage to Run 5k Voter Registration                                        September 21, 2019
Local Government 101                                                                        September 28, 2019
Pure Justice Meet and Greet Social Event                                 September 28, 2019 

For more information about our upcoming events please send an email to thepurejustice@gmail.com or call/text 713-231-6131.