Watch Out!

There are people in our state capital trying to throw roadblocks in your path to vote. I’m going to speak about 3 bills pending in our state house that, if passed, will hinder your personal voting process. That process may entail you checking, a few days before voting day, to ensure that your polling place hasn’t changed, and ensuring that you have your voting card. In other words making sure that when you go to the proper location you will be able to vote.

Bill SB 398 & HB 294, if passed, will separate the day that the federal elections and the day that state and local elections take place. HB 2390, if passed, will negate the use of college campus buildings as polling places. HB 1350, if passed will, do the same for elementary and middle school buildings being used as polling places.

I would think that the impact on your voting day will be drastic. Bills 398 and 294 will necessitate that working people will  have to take 2 days off from work, find a care person for your sick ones for two days, as well as paying the babysitter twice. Bills 2390 and 1350 will necessitate finding different polling places than the ones you have used for who knows how long, in the past. It may encompass a longer drive, once you find out the new location!!

Conservatives really don’t want you to vote at all. Bills similar to the three above are used as an end around democracy, by conservatives, to throw obstacles in your path to your local polling place or make voters have to vote on two separate days. When school buildings are no longer used as polling places will the same number of new locations/new polling locations be opened?

When everyone does not vote people, get elected who simply don’t have your best interests at heart and they will do whatever they can to keep you from voting. Each roadblock can or may decrease the number of potential voters.

Written By: Gypsy Tucker